The AIDITTO team

Meet the team behind the Initiative

Emma Höij CEO/Social Impact Leader/ CO-FOUNDER

Relentless impact seeker

Purpose driven change agent putting people and planet first

If we all are allowed to be our authentic selves, and we treasure our differences, together we will create great things for people and planet.​

“If we all are allowed to be our authentic selves, and we treasure our differences, together we will create great things for people and planet.”
“I help changemakers distil the essence of a different tomorrow”

Philippe Höij – Capability Owner / CO-FOUNDER

Beardless wonder.

A hands-on creative digital strategist with more than 20 years of tech development and implementation experience

What I enjoy the most is to put digital technologies into real use. To enable business capabilities using state of the art technologies has kept me busy since the early days of the internet. I bridge the languages of management, systems design and technology, and help people see new perspectives in what they do.​​

The love of learning is always with me, in all things that pique my curiosity.​


Life is now

An enabler of human brilliance for more than 20 years

I like people that like people and truly enjoy supporting others in creating amazing things together. Self-employment allows me to plan my own time and spend much of it with my wife in developing our garden and buildings in it. ​

“Good relations creates good results”
“If you think you have all the answers, you’ve been asking the wrong questions“

Andreas Fransson – Product Owner / Co-Founder

Digital Native

Building things on the Internet

I have mainly taken a deep-dive into vanilla front end technologies (HTML5, CSS3/Sass, JavaScript/jQuery), and the back end framework Ruby on Rails.​

I’ve learned both on my own accord and through working side by side with some incredible mentors. Most of my time has been with small companies and startups, meaning I’ve learned to wear many different kinds of hats at once; anything from design to project management.​

My latest interests are the React framework and digging deeper into digital product design.

Muhammad Ikram Ul Haq – FullStack Developer / CO-FOUNDER

Code Digger

A full stack developer with a wide array of skills in both frontend and backend development.

During the last 5+ years I have taken various roles covering all main facets of software development from design to deployment. I am proficient in many different JVM languages (Java, Groovy, etc.) and JavaScript frameworks (React, Angular, Web Components). I am a fast learner and proven problem solver with multiple awards at various programming competitions.

“I believe in making mistakes but never giving up because sometimes we must fall in order to rise again.”
“Ask the right questions, act on what follows”

Vinutha Magal Shreenath – Lead Research Scientist / CO-FOUNDER​

Data Jedi

A creative scientist enjoying figuring out open problems

I am a scientist and engineer with ~10 years’ experience in industry and academia.​

​ I am fascinated by how data is changing our systems, how we live, how we think and especially how it changes the nature of expertise.​

I love the process of framing the right questions around knotty problems, experimenting and writing.

As a Data Scientist, I model problems with stakeholders, structuring the context, understanding data and info flows, that lead to ML models. I am an expert in AI and ML and especially like working on games, NLP, and GIS.