The AIDITTO Initiative

We turn good intentions into valuable acts of giving in times of crisis.

The general public wants to help!

Our public sector gets so many help offers from civic society. Unfortunately, much of the help is not structured in a helpful way. Information about what good help looks like, locally, has to get a place. Individuals and businesses needs to be offered an easy, safe and relevant way in, that is helpful for both ends.

To achieve that, we build a storefront of what good help looks like, and appropriate digital tools for outcome-oriented work and effective cross-organisational impact, between involved public actors, based on the MSB crisis handbooks and insights from our Vinnova-funded co-creation projects with public actors.

Where we are right now…

We are currently starting up our second approved Vinnova project this autumn, together with Länsstyrelsen Skåne, Helsingborgs kommun, Lunds kommun, Tomelilla kommun and RISE. Through service design we explore and build a Digital Twin of a Boundary Object, a cross-organisational collaboration space to make impact together.

Our platform enables multiple public actors that handle crisis locally to visualise the direction and purpose of local coordination efforts, and help direct crisis and impact response efforts. It integrates our previous prototype storefront of what good help looks like, with an easy way in.

The future…

We were one of the winners of the European EUvsVirus Hackathon and a successful outcome of Hack the Crisis Sweden, our video below shows our first submission about the public storefront. We have learned so much more since then.

Our next step during autumn is to prepare to scale the solution up during early 2021 by building an innovation partnership, preferably as a continuation of our current quadruple helix setup across academia, the public sector, civic society and the industry!